Dinner by Bayan, was inspired by our extensive travels around the vast globe. Our adventures throughout the various countries in Asia have allowed us to enjoy the most intricate delicacies which have opened our palettes to a plethora of fresh and awe-inspiring ingredients from various corners of the world.

It is with this inspired vigor, which we bring you Dinner by Bayan.

A multi-course tasting menu has been designed to capture a delicious and exciting range of flavours, textures and aromas; developed by a series of unique techniques that have been particularly selected. This event offers a multi-course menu, paired with wines – which have been pre-selected.

Dinner by Bayan is a culinary experience that engages all of your senses from the moment you arrive to the last course that is served. Guests are seated with other diners, given the opportunity to socialize and network in anticipation of the stunning presentation of each course. The whole experience entices the diner with each course leaving you in mystery about the next course…

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